Freestyle Love Supreme

Freestyle Love Supreme is an improvisational hip-hop comedy musical group started by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anthony Veneziale in 2004 and directed by Thomas Kail. The group performed a Broadway musical of the same name from 2019 to 2020 at the Booth Theatre.


The idea for the project started during rehearsal breaks for Lin-Manuel Miranda's first Broadway musical, In the Heights. At the beginning, it was a project for young artists to experiment with theatre and musical sound. During shows, the performers rap and beatbox, backed by keyboards. Unlike traditional, scripted musicals, the audience is intended to be engaged and participate in the show, providing suggestions and occasionally even being brought on stage. Before being performed on Broadway, there were performances at Ars Nova in 2004 and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2005.
Members of the group appeared in several episodes of the 2009 The Electric Company revival, on which Miranda, Sherman, Jackson, and Sullivan were regular music contributors.
The group created a 10-episode television series that aired on Pivot in 2014.
The group performed its Off-Broadway and Broadway shows in 2019-2020 in celebration of their 15th anniversary.
The story of the group and musical is featured in the 2020 documentary We Are Freestyle Love Supreme, directed by Andrew Fried, who began filming the group in 2005. The film contains footage shot over the 15 years of the group's history.


Members of the cast has included the following, though other members have appeared, sometimes unannounced. The opening night performance on Broadway featured nine guest stars.
; Vocal performers
The following performers have performed rap or beatboxing on the show:
; Keyboardists
The following keyboardists have accompanied the vocal artists:
Freestyle Love Supreme was performed on Broadway at the Booth Theatre from October 2, 2019 through January 12, 2020.