Sevel Argentina

Sevel Argentina was an automobile company that produced and marketed Fiat, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, and Citroën automobiles for the Argentine market until it was dissolved in 1999. The company was created by merging Fiat's and Peugeot's Argentine operations.


In Europe, Fiat and PSA began a 50/50 joint venture 1978 under the name of Sevel. Two factories, Sevel Sud in Italy and Sevel Nord in France, still produce commercials and MPVs.
The Argentine manufacturers of Peugeots and Fiats then merged in December 1980, in response to law No Nº 21.932 ordering the restructuring of the Argentine automotive industry. The new company formed was also called Sevel, but here the versatile acronym stood for Sociedad Europea de Vehículos para Latinoamérica.
As part of the rationalization effort, production of passenger vehicles was to take place in Fiat's large El Palomar plant, while commercials, tractors, vans, and heavy vehicles were to be built in Fiat's factory in Ferreyra, Córdoba province. Peugeot's Berazategui factory was decommissioned and production transferred to El Palomar, but increasing market demand in 1993 meant this plant was reopened.
In September 1981, Peugeot withdrew and the Fiat Group assumed control. Fiat and Peugeot of Argentina separated in 1995, but Sevel kept building the existing products. Fiat, in anticipation of the 1997 end of Sevel's license, built a brand new plant for production of the new Siena. As Fiat's Argentine operations gradually became autonomous, Sevel moved their entire production to their El Palomar plant. In 1999, PSA took over Peugeot/Citroën production under the name of Peugeot-Citroën de Argentina.


In 1980, production of the existing lineups continued, but newer models were announced along with the merger. Subsequently, the Fiat 147 and Peugeot 505 were added, while other old models were either updated or discontinued. SEVEL-built cars received "8A4" as the manufacturer code in the vehicle identification number.
NameTime producedNameTime produced
Fiat 600 S1980–1982Peugeot 4041980–81
Fiat 1331980–1982Peugeot 5041980–1999
Fiat 128, Europa1980–1982Peugeot 5051981–1995
Fiat 125, Mirafiori1980–1982Peugeot 504 Pickup1990–1995
Fiat Spazio/Brío/Vivace 1982–1996Peugeot 4051992–99
Fiat Súper Europa 1983–1990Peugeot 3061995–99
Fiat Regatta1985–1995Peugeot 2061999
1986–1995Peugeot Partner1999
Fiat Duna1987–1995Chevrolet C-101985–91
Fiat Uno1989–1995Citroën Berlingo1999
Fiat Fiorino1990–1995