List of mayors and chiefs of government of Buenos Aires

A list of Mayors and Chiefs of Government of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital, since its federalization.
Its first Mayor was Torcuato de Alvear, who was appointed, following the law of federalization of Buenos Aires, directly by President Julio Argentino Roca.
Following the 1994 amendment of the Argentine Constitution, the city gained autonomous status. The title of the city's chief executive was changed to Chief of Government, directly elected by the citizenry. The office of Vice-Chief was also created. However, in popular usage, especially outside of Argentina, the chief and vice-chief are often called mayor and vice-mayor, respectively.
The chief and vice chief are elected on a single ticket for a term of four years, with possibility of reelection. The first directly elected Chief of Government to be elected was Fernando de la Rúa, who was elected president three years into his term.
In 2006, Chief Aníbal Ibarra was removed from his position following impeachment regarding the Cromagnon nightclub tragedy, leaving Vice-Chief Jorge Telerman to take over the office.
In the June 24, 2007 elections, Mauricio Macri was elected Chief of Government, winning in the second round with 60.96% of the votes against Daniel Filmus. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta became mayor in 2015, after defeating Michetti in the primary elections and Martín Lousteau in a ballotage.

Mayors (1883–1996)

#MayorEntered OfficeExited OfficeAppointed by PresidentNotes
1Torcuato de AlvearMay 10, 1883May 10, 1887Julio A. Roca
2Antonio CrespoMay 24, 1887August 14, 1888Miguel Juárez Celman
3Guillermo CranwellAugust 14, 1888May 10, 1889Miguel Juárez CelmanInterim
4Francisco SeeberMay 10, 1889June 4, 1890Miguel Juárez Celman
5Francisco F. BolliniJune 22, 1890October 31, 1892Carlos Pellegrini
6Juan José Montes de OcaOctober 31, 1892November 7, 1892Luis Sáenz PeñaInterim
7Miguel CanéNovember 7, 1892June 7, 1893Luis Sáenz Peña
8Federico PinedoJune 20, 1893August 20, 1894Luis Sáenz Peña
9Emilio BungeSeptember 14, 1894September 12, 1986Luis Sáenz Peña
10Francisco AlcobendasSeptember 12, 1986September 14, 1898José E. Uriburu
11Martín BiedmaSeptember 14, 1898October 20, 1898José E. UriburuInterim
12Adolfo BullrichOctober 20, 1898October 20, 1902Julio A. Roca
13Alberto CasaresOctober 20, 1902October 20, 1904Julio A. Roca
14Carlos RosetiOctober 20, 1904March 16, 1906Manuel Quintana
15Manuel ObarrioMarch 16, 1906March 22, 1906José Figueroa AlcortaInterim
16Alberto CasaresMarch 22, 1906November 9, 1906José Figueroa Alcorta
17Manuel ObarrioNovember 10, 1906February 7, 1907José Figueroa AlcortaInterim
18Carlos de AlvearFebruary 8, 1907January 7, 1908José Figueroa Alcorta
19Manuel GüiraldesJanuary 25, 1908October 12, 1910José Figueroa Alcorta
20Joaquín de AnchorenaOctober 20, 1910October 24, 1914Roque Sáenz Peña
21Enrique PalacioOctober 26, 1914February 23, 1915Victorino de la PlazaInterim
22Arturo GramajoFebruary 23, 1915November 14, 1916Victorino de la Plaza
23Joaquín LlambíasNovember 14, 1916November 14, 1919Hipólito Yrigoyen
24Saturnino García AnidoNovember 15, 1919December 3, 1919Hipólito YrigoyenInterim
25José Luis CantiloDecember 5, 1919October 25, 1921Hipólito Yrigoyen
26Juan BartnecheOctober 26, 1921October 13, 1922Hipólito Yrigoyen
27Virgilio Tedín UriburuOctober 13, 1922October 15, 1922Marcelo T. de AlvearInterim
28Carlos NoẽlOctober 16, 1922May 3, 1927Marcelo T. de Alvear
29Horacio CascoMay 3, 1927October 12, 1928Marcelo T. de Alvear
30Adrián Fernández CascoOctober 12, 1928November 14, 1928Hipólito YrigoyenInterim
31José Luis CantiloNovember 15, 1928September 6, 1930Hipólito Yrigoyen
32José GuerricoSeptember 18, 1930February 20, 1932Félix Uriburu
33Rómulo NaónFebruary 20, 1932November 19, 1932Agustín P. Justo
34Mariano de Vedia y MitreNovember 19, 1932February 19, 1938Agustín P. Justo
35Arturo GoyenecheFebruary 20, 1938November 26, 1940Roberto M. Ortiz
36Raúl SavareseNovember 26, 1940December 6, 1940Ramón CastilloInterim
37Carlos Alberto PueyrredónDecember 6, 1940June 11, 1943Ramón Castillo
38Ernesto E. PadillaJune 12, 1943June 15, 1943Pedro P. RamírezInterim
39Basilio PertinéJune 15, 1943April 5, 1944Pedro P. Ramírez
40César CacciaApril 12, 1944June 3, 1946Edelmiro Farrell
41Emilio SiriJune 6, 1946November 16, 1949Juan Perón
42Juan DebenedettiNovember 26, 1949February 19, 1952Juan Perón
43Jorge SabatéFebruary 20, 1952October 26, 1954Juan Perón
44Bernardo GagoOctober 27, 1954September 23, 1955Juan Perón
45Miguel MaderoSeptember 26, 1955June 8, 1956Eduardo Lonardi
46Luis María de la Torre CamposJune 8, 1956January 25, 1957Pedro E. Aramburu
47Eduardo BergalliJanuary 26, 1957September 18, 1957Pedro E. Aramburu
48Ernesto FloritSeptember 20, 1957May 1, 1958Pedro E. Aramburu
49Roberto EtcheparebordaMay 1, 1958May 13, 1958Arturo FrondiziInterim
50Hernán GiraltMay 14, 1958June 25, 1962Arturo Frondizi
51Alberto PrebischJune 26, 1962October 13, 1963José María Guido
52Francisco RabanalOctober 17, 1963June 28, 1966Arturo Illia
53Eugenio SchettiniJuly 6, 1966September 6, 1967Juan Carlos Onganía
54Manuel IricibarSeptember 8, 1967February 26, 1971Juan Carlos Onganía
55Tomás CaballeroMarch 1, 1971March 26, 1971Roberto Levingston
56Saturnino Montero RuizMarch 31, 1971May 25, 1973Alejandro Lanusse
57Leopoldo FrenkelJune 4, 1973August 6, 1973Héctor Cámpora
58Juan DebenedettiAugust 7, 1973August 27, 1973Raúl Lastiri
59José EmbrioniAugust 30, 1973March 23, 1976Raúl Lastiri
60Eduardo CrespiMarch 24, 1976April 2, 1976Military Junta
61Osvaldo CacciatoreApril 2, 1976March 31, 1982Jorge Videla
62Guillermo del CioppoMarch 31, 1982December 10, 1983Leopoldo Galtieri
63Julio César SaguierDecember 10, 1983January 13, 1987Raúl Alfonsín
64Facundo Suárez LastraJanuary 14, 1987July 8, 1989Raúl Alfonsín
65Carlos GrossoJuly 8, 1989October 26, 1992Carlos Menem
66Saúl BouerOctober 26, 1992September 5, 1994Carlos Menem
67Jorge DomínguezSeptember 5, 1994August 6, 1996Carlos Menem

Chiefs of Government (1996–present)