Film format

A film format is a technical definition of a set of standard characteristics regarding image capture on photographic film, for either stills or filmmaking. It can also apply to projected film, either slides or movies. The primary characteristic of a film format is its size and shape.
In the case of motion picture film, the format may also include audio parameters. Other characteristics usually include the film gauge, pulldown method, lens anamorphosis, and film gate or projector aperture dimensions, all of which need to be defined for photography as well as projection, as they may differ.

Motion picture film formats

Digital camera formats

Still photography film formats

Multiple image

For roll holder means film for cartridge roll holders, allowing roll film to be used with cameras designed to use glass plates. These were spooled with the emulsion facing outward, rather than inward as in film designed for native roll-film cameras. Types 106 to 114 were for Eastman-Walker rollholders, while types 50 to 54 were for Graflex rollholders.
The primary reason there were so many different negative formats in the early days was that prints were made by contact, without use of an enlarger. The film format would thus be exactly the same as the size of the print—so if you wanted large prints, you would have to use a large camera and corresponding film format.

Roll film cross-reference table

Before World War II, each film manufacturer used its own system of numbering for the various sizes of rollfilms they made. The following sortable table shows the corresponding numbers. A blank space means that manufacturer did not make film in that size. Two numbers in one box refers to films available with different numbers of exposures, usually 6 and either 10 or 12. Spool length is measured between inner faces of the flanges; several films of the same image size were available on different spools to fit different cameras.
101H68A, 8B-inch2023033.661
103K610A, 10B4-inch2063.912
104L612A, 12B5-inch2085.064
105C65A, 5B-inch C2103152.509
11513A, 13B7-inch2307.126
116D66A, 6B-inch232348425, 4262.814
117B13A-inch A2342.470
118E67A, 7B-inch236354430, 4313.474
11911A, 11B-inch2384.490
120B24A-inch B2403604152.466
121AB62A, 2B-inch2421.850
122G6, G1018A, 18B-inch A244366445, 4463.715
123J610C, 10D4-inch A2464.693
124F67C, 7D-inch B2483724353.716
12518C, 18D-inch C2503753.912
12619A-inch A2524.898
127A82CEnsignette 1J2543814071.860
128O6Ensignette 11.606
129N6Ensignette 22.059
130M626A, 26B-inch260390436, 4383.132

Single image

Size Type
6.5 × 9sheet film
9 × 12glass plate, sheet film
10 × 15sheet film
13 × 18sheet film
18 × 24sheet film
24 × 30sheet film

Instant film

DesignationTypeIntroducedDiscontinuedImage sizeExposuresComment
Type 20Polaroid roll film cartridge19651979 × in8
Type 30Polaroid roll film cartridge19541979 × in8
Type 40Polaroid roll film cartridge19481972
× in6 or 8
Type 50Polaroid peel-apart film pack19??20084 × 5 inIncluding Type 55
Type 80Polaroid peel-apart film pack19712006 × 8 or 10
Type 100Polaroid peel-apart film pack19632016 by Fujifilm
. Reintroduced in 2018
× in8, 10 or 11Discontinued by Polaroid in 2008. Produced and sold by Fujifilm until 2016, where As it was discontinued. New 100 type film made by a company called One Instant. Production started in 2018
Type 600
Polaroid integral film pack1972 × in8 or 10Discontinued by Polaroid in 2008. Reintroduced by Impossible Project in 2010.
Kodak InstantKodak integral film pack1976198691 × 67 mm10
F SeriesFuji integral film pack198191 × 69 mmFilm compatible with Kodak Instant, but in a different cartridge and rated at a different speed
KodamaticKodak integral film pack198691 × 67 mm10
Kodak peel-apart film pack198319864 × in10
System 800Fuji integral film pack201091 × 69 mm
Type 700,
Type 1200
Polaroid integral film pack1986Oct. 2019 × in10 or 12Discontinued by Polaroid in 2008. Reintroduced by Impossible Project in 2010.
Discontinued by Polaroid Polaroid Originals in 2019.
Type 500
Polaroid integral film pack19932006 × in10
InstantACEFuji integral film pack201091 × 69 mm
8x10Polaroid film pack19??8 × 10 in1Discontinued by Polaroid. Reintroduced by Impossible Project.
Polaroid integral film pack1997200636 × 24 mm12
Fujifilm Instax Mini,
PolaroidType 300
Fuji/Polaroid integral film pack199846 × 62 mm10
Instax WideFuji integral film pack199999 × 62 mm10
Instax PiviFuji integral film pack200446 × 61 mm
I-TypeImpossible integral film pack2016 × in8Same image format as Polaroid Type 600, but the film cartridge does not contain a battery
Instax SquareFuji integral film pack201762 × 62 mm10